Tuesday, March 13, 2007

overwhelming support for nova workers & upcoming events!

The recent attention given to the Nova workers' crisis has been overwhelming! The swell of community support has made all the difference in the world to the workers and their families, and has included financial support, call-ins to radio shows, and physical presence at rallies. We are all truly building a labor and human rights movement in South Florida!
  • Concerned community members and organizations have partnered together under the title of "Community Project for Displaced Nova Workers" They planned an emergency meeting and picketed in front of Ray Ferrero's and George Hanbury's home. They also set up a protest outside the Signature Grand where Ray Ferrero received an award from the NCCJ-National Conference for Community and Justice (see previous post). They were joined by brothers and sisters from South Florida Jobs with Justice, Teamsters, CWA, the Lifeguard's Union, and UTD.

  • The clergy of South Florida Interfaith Worker Justice appeared on the Jim Defede show and staged silent protest inside the NCCJ award luncheon at the Signature Grand.

  • *** UPCOMING *** The Labor Committee of the NAACP Chapter of Miami-Dade County is planning a large Civil Right March on Nova in mid-April. Bishop Victor Curry will be joined by national civil rights leaders. We will be reaching out to you and the members of your organization very soon to mobilize for the Civil Right March.

  • *** UPCOMING *** On Friday March 30 the Association of Haitian Catholic Priests is planning a special Stations of the Cross in the streets of Little Haiti which will highlight the spirit of the Lenten Season and the plight of the Nova Janitors. Five Haitian Catholic Churches in Dade and Broward will come to Notre Dame Haiti Catholic Church for this religious event. They expect about 3,000 people processing in the streets of Little Haiti.

  • *** HELP *** Finally, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Miami has launched an Emergency Fund for Displaced Nova Workers.

    Please make a donation today as more than 100 families near their 3rd week without a paycheck. Some families are already facing food and gas shortages. Check donations, and Grocery Gift Certificates are welcome. Please make checks payable to:

    Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Miami

    mail to:

    Gloria Luna
    9401 Biscayne Blvd.
    Miami Shores, FL, 33138
    Attn: Displaced Nova Workers' Fund
The workers have been aggressively looking for work, but it has been VERY difficult. Please send any job referrals you may have to:

Kathy Bird of SEIU Local 11
786 210 9030.

Most importantly, know that even after all the suffering the Nova workers have endured, THEY ARE STRONG. They are continuing to come out for leadership meetings, mobilizations, radio programs, and union/membership meetings. They know that we can and we will win this fight.

Please let Kathy know if you want a Nova worker to speak about this critical situtation at a meeting or event.

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Katharine Westaway said...

Perhaps everyone can commit to calling these offices once or twice a day. I set my phone alarm and call when it goes off.

NSU Administration:

Executive Offices
Office of the President/Chief Executive Officer
(954) 262-7575

Office of the Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
(954) 262-7555

Public Affairs
(954) 262-5353