Tuesday, June 06, 2006


i encourage you all to come to see ana menendez tomorrow at 8 pm at books and books in coral gables. ana is one of the most forceful and independent voices in the miami herald, and she single-handedly gave a voice to the UM janitors' strike in the paper (the editor wrote an anti-unionization -- anti-card check, to be precise -- editorial at some point). in this difficult political climate, ana can certainly use our support and appreciation. and, for those who haven't yet been there, books and books is a really cool place, with a full restaurant, bar, and cafe.

(directions to books and books: from US1, take le jeune north. pass miracle mile. the first right is aragon. take it. books and books is in the next block on your left. parking in the garage opposite the bookstore is free with validation)



Miami Herald Columnist Ana Menéndez was raised in California as the daughter of Cuban exiles— taught to memorize Jose Martí, thinking her family would soon move back to Cuba—living the kind of present that is perpetually affected by the past. Menéndez worked as a journalist for six years, first at The Miami Herald, where she covered Little Havana, and later with The Orange County Register in California. A graduate of NYU's creative writing program, she is the author of the collection of stories, In Cuba I Was a German Shepherd and the novel, Loving Che. Tonight, she kicks off a new series at Books & Books – Between the Lines: Discussions with Miami Herald Columnists, which will bring you closer to some of your favorite Miami Herald columnists. Menéndez will take us into the world of a newspaper columnist, sharing her ideas about the writing process, daily focus as a columnist, and reflections about some of her most though-provoking columns. 8pm

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