Friday, June 16, 2006

Fuller Coverage - UPDATED

Fuller coverage of yesterday's events, and a nice picture, from the Miami Herald.

A nice piece from the Orlando Sentinel, here reprinted in the Broward County Sun-Sentinel. According to figures quoted in this piece, the first hard numbers we have seen, 290 out of 385 janitors voted for the union. That's 75%.

And there's a brief mention in the New York Times.


Johnathan Abreu said...

Can anyone tell me if it just involves one campus. There's actually an NSU campus close by Kendall where I live and I would be willing to help with solidarity actions if that was the case.

fwj said...


Assuming your post refers to the South Florida Campus Consortium, I think the idea is to involve as many campuses as possible. But to get further clarification, call one of the people whose numbers we list.