Thursday, June 15, 2006

Further charges brought against students

It seems that two of the students facing disciplinary action have had a further charge brought against them: distributing literature. What was, presumably, the distributing of flyers or information supporting the workers' campaign to unionize is deemed, by the University, to be in violation of this paragraph from page 63 of the Students' Rights and Responsibilities Handbook:

Distributing or Posting Printed Materials (Poster Distribution and Advertising Policy on page 47) Unauthorized distribution or posting of printed materials in the University Center, Residence Halls, or other University campus facility is prohibited; failure to comply with the Distribution or Posting Printed Materials Policy is prohibited.

1 comment:

Patrick said...

It's vague and broad policies like these that prompt me to question our university's dedication to education and civil discourse. I don't care if it is privately owned property. Our right to communicate by mouth or through written word should not be checked at the gate. Last time I checked, we didn't need the government's "approval" to speak our mind. The same should apply to any smaller scale regulatory institution.

I could understand the reasoning behind prohibiting outside advertisers or advocacy groups from being on campus, but these are the university's own students practicing what should regularly be excercised in a functioning democracy. This is adbsurd and should be confronted.