Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blocked ad

Here is the text of an ad that was rejected (by the Board of Student Publications, not by the editorial staff of the Hurricane) for publication in the Hurricane, the student newspaper at UM:

We are nearly 400 cleaners and landscapers who keep the campus of UM clean and comfortable for students and faculty. We work hard every day but many of us can barely make it on $9.05 an hour.

We have been negotiating a new contract with the company UNICCO, but their wages freeze proposal is unacceptable. Food, rent, childcare… all are on the rise and our wages should rise too. Our proposal is fair and affordable and would help us to provide for our families.

We want to keep serving the campus but if left with no other option we may have to stop working as soon as September 1st. A strike would be hard for all, workers and students alike. We hope you understand if we have to stop working to protect our families and our future.

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