Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rally for the UM workers on Monday August 30th

A message from STAND (Students Towards a New Democracy):

History shows UM administrators will support the UM Janitor and Landscaping workers if the Students and Faculty speak up! -The last day of contract negotiations is this Tuesday, and the workers are planning to go on strike if their basic requests aren't met - Let's show enough campus support on Monday at 12pm (the Rock) for the workers so contract negotiations start going better! - Please tell your students and other faculty

Join University of Miami Janitor and Landscaping Workers for a Speak Out and Letter Delivery

We don’t want wages below the poverty line on our campus!

Monday, August 30th 12:00 am

The Rock (Across from UM's UC Bookstore)

We will speak out in appreciation of our Janitor and Landscaping Workers and hear from the workers firsthand why a good contract is so important for them to survive. The initially offered contract froze the pay/benefits of these hardworking employees when the cost of food, housing, and everyday items in Miami is up more than 9% since the last contract was negotiated. Use your UM Voice and hold our administration accountable! We will be delivering a Letter to Donna Shalala asking her to support the workers requests afterward. (Cost of Living Wage increase, safety regulations, the same vacation days as faculty/staff, Health benefits, Job Seniority) University of Miami students, faculty and workers fought hard to win the living wage four years ago, let’s make sure it is here to stay!

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