Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Contract agreed on - strike averted!

Great news! The UM janitors and groundskeepers have agreed on a contract with UNICCO. No strike. Here's the press release from SEIU:


– New Contract Averts Strike at UM Campus and Hospital –

Coral Gables, FL—Nearly 400 cleaners and landscapers at the University of Miami reached a tentative three-year agreement this evening that provides 7.5% in wage increases over the next three years, maintains employer-paid health care coverage and improves sick days and vacation time.

“In a tough economic environment the workers who keep UM clean and beautiful are moving closer to the middle class, securing benefits and gaining wage increases that will help our community prosper,” said Eric Brakken, Director of 32BJ SEIU Florida. “The contract is an important victory for our members and for all the working families of Miami.”

The three-year agreement between 32BJ and UNICCO improves benefits, including sick days, holidays and increases employer contributions to the health care fund up to 23%.

“I am happy for this agreement,” said Clara Vargas, who has been working at UM for more than 8 years. “Now I can continue helping my son finish his studies and put food on the table.”

The deal was reached at 9:00 PM between the Boston based contractor UNICCO and 32BJ SEIU and will be presented to the workers for ratification.

Cleaners and landscapers gained wage increases and improved benefits in their second union contract, the first one was ratified in the spring of 2006 after a nine-week strike because of unfair labor practices, substandard pay, lack of health benefits and workplace safety issues. The strike ended with recognition of the workers’ union, which ultimately led to a union contract that increased wages and provided health care and other benefits.

With more than 120,000 members, including cleaners, landscapers, security officers and laundry workers in South Florida, 32BJ is the largest property service workers union in the country.

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giovanna said...

fantastic. hope the workers are happy.