Thursday, April 04, 2013

Motion for the Faculty Senate

Today, the General Welfare Committee of the UM Faculty Senate unanimously approved putting the following motion on the agenda to go before the full Senate on April 17th:
WHEREAS workers employed on campus as food service workers by Chartwells make on average only $9.50 per hour while workers employed on campus as janitors and groundskeepers by UNICCO make on average $11.55 per hour;  
WHEREAS Miami‐Dade county considers a living wage to be $12.06 per hour;  
WHEREAS the University of Miami is one of the largest private employers, if not the largest, in Miami‐Dade county;  
BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate urges the administration a) to affirm the importance of ensuring that all workers on campus are paid a living wage, as defined by the county; and b) to support a fair and fast resolution to workers’ efforts to improve their wages and working conditions.
At that point, assuming it passes, it will be sent by the Senate officially to President Shalala.

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