Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Today's attempts to monitor Chartwells union-busting "captive audience" meetings

Yestserday, we brought you the adventures of intrepid faculty who attempted to monitor the "captive audience" meetings that Chartwells is imposing on the food service workers at the University of Miami to stop them from joining a union. These faculty had the police called on them twice, though they were doing nothing at all wrong or disruptive.

Today faculty showed up promptly at 9am for the first "captive audience" meeting of the day, at University Center, only to find no meeting there. We later learned that Chartwells had moved the meetings (and changed the times) in response to our actions yesterday. Today they were meeting at the Bank United Center on campus, the very place where graduation will occur in 10 days or so.

Once again police were called, though while we were there, they did not show up. We encountered workers leaving from the meeting and told them we were professors at the university and that we supported the union.

Although we could not hear what was said at the meetings, the script was probably the same as the one we published yesterday.

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