Friday, May 12, 2006

Changes at the NLRB?

Here's a post from the blog Unbossed, dated May 6, 2006:

There are some interesting new developments at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in the past week. Interesting because they seem to be an attempt to respond to key criticisms of the way the NLRB has handled representation elections. Those criticisms have been that NLRB elections do not provide workers with free and fair elections.

The Ronald Mesiburg, new NLRB General Counsel, gave a major speech that lays out the initiatives in a couple of new directives the the NLRB Regional Offices. In them he said:

An important priority during my term as General Counsel will be to ensure (1) that employees have freedom of choice based on a timely opportunity to vote in Board-conducted elections in an uncoerced atmosphere and (2) that their decision in an election is protected by this Agency. [Cont'd]

In a comment, the poster gives details from a Bureau of National Affairs story concerning NLRB elections:

An interesting story out on NLRB elections this morning from BNA (subscription only). BNA has an analysis of NLRB elections which they will sell for $95. The BNA story summarizes some of the statistics from that report. Union won a higher percentage of NLRB elections last year - 61.5% compared with 58.4 % the prior year. [cont'd]

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