Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Student journalists on the strike

Students in Professor Sallie Hughes' "Introduction to Reporting" class at UM have produced two reports on aspects of the strike.

Starving for Justice: An In-Depth Look at the Hunger Strike

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Text: Nayda Varier-Taylor and Tina Zuric
Audio: Molly Jones
Visual: Ashley Davidson

As they enter their16th day without food, students and workers who joined a hunger strike to pressure the University of Miami and contractor Unicco Service Company to accept a particular method of unionization have captured the attention of students, faculty and the national media.

But they say they won’t stop until all of their demands are met. Until then, they will remain camped out in “Freedom City,” a tent city they created on public land under the Metro Rail just outside the University of Miami’s main entrance. [Cont'd]

Alyssa Cundari: Portrait of a Student Activist

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Text: Natalia Maldonado and Elsa Bolt
Audio: Caroline Neves
Visual: Alex Gordon

When Alyssa Cundari started her freshman year at the University of Miami, many of the faces she saw seemed familiar.

But they didn't belong to her fellow students. Overlooked by most, they were the faces of the men and women emptying trashcans and sweeping floors, many of whom are immigrants. [Cont'd]

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