Friday, May 12, 2006

Excerpt from a Letter from Professor Roger Kanet to President Shalala Concerning Disciplinary Action Against Students

I will not raise the issues associated with questions of free speech and of "acting on one's convictions." Let me merely note that, if Provost LeBlanc and you are serious about upgrading the academic quality of future classes of UM undergraduates, the number of students able and willing to think for themselves is likely to increase. What happens now with regard to the students under "indictment" will set the tone for the future and, no doubt, influence the decisions of precisely some of those potential future students

The students have now had the possibility of draconian measures hanging over their heads for more than a month. I recognize that the university has procedures for dealing with them. However, both of us know that flexibility exists for handling issues of this type and that ultimately, as President of the University of Miami, you can influence those procedures. I sincerely hope that you live up to the principles implied in your call to the graduates to act on their convictions.

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