Monday, May 01, 2006

Don't go away

This blog will continue to be published at least until the unionization process is over, until the students who remain under a disciplinary cloud are no longer in trouble, and until one or two other matters of a similar nature are cleared up. I doubt we will publish at the same pace, but, if you are a regular, please check back in case we need you. Also, we will post tomorrow with pictures from the meeting at which the agreement was announced to the workers.

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Steven McGonigle, Painting Supervisor, UNICCO @ Novas Southeastern University said...

I just want to thank you for your updates, as I have been supporting, and been down to Miami in regards to the Janitors, since before they went on strike, and was down there for the strike vote and march through the UofM campus, and have been there many more times for many events.

I have learned so much from this and will never forget my experiences.

Now we have Nova Southeastern University and Ray Ferrero to deal with, I only wished we had the support of the faculty and students that the workers at UM had. You guys are great, and never forget, you dedication to this will always be remembered and greatfully appreciated