Thursday, March 30, 2006

help deliver a petition tomorrow to president shalala and trustee colson

tomorrow at noon, right when the talks between um, unicco, seiu, students, faculty and workers begin, a group of faculty from barry, st thomas, fiu and mdc will deliver a petition to donna shalala and trustee colson on behalf of the National Workers' Rights Board. the petition is signed by a variety of luminaries, including barbara ehrenreich and howard zinn, and supports the right of the unicco employees to form a union by whatever means they choose. the faculty from the other universities ask that um faculty join them. this is not a rally but an orderly delegation of faculty members to present a letter to the president.

we will meet at the episcopal church (strike sanctuary) at 11.45am on friday march 31st and walk over to ashe shortly thereafter. please come and join us. this is a great and easy way to show your solidarity. the whole event should last no more than about 45 minutes.

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