Monday, March 06, 2006

videos about strikes in richter reserves

Dear Everyone,

I have placed on CLOSED RESERVE (2nd floor, Richter Library) a number of classic videos/DVDs that might be helpful for our own and our students' understanding of "strikes," "picket lines," etc. They may be viewed only in the library.

Harlan County, USA (1976) VID 3157
Matewan (1987) VID 1839
American Dream (1991) VID 1857
Stachka (1925) DVD 227
Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl (1914) VID 3548
Black Panther (1969) VID 4209
Salt of the Earth (Hollywood 10) (1964) DVD 795
Modern Times (Charlie Chaplin) (1936) VID 429

Happy viewing!

Rich Weisskoff, intl. studies, for INS 476, "Poverty and Environment"

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Lillian Manzor said...

I would like to add one more video to the list: Bread and roses (2001)
by Ken Loach. Although UM does not have it yet --I just asked Holly
Ackermann to rush order it-- it is a perfect film for our situation:
From the acclaimed director Ken Loach comes the gripping story of a
group of immigrant workers who take a stand against the million dollar
corporations who employ them. Newly arrived illegal immigrant Maya
(Pilar Padilla) has just joined her sister o the job as a janitor in a
down Los Angeles office building. Appalled at the work conditions and
unfair labor practices, she teams up with Sam Shapiro (Adrien Brody), a
labor organizer, to fight their ruthless employer."

You can preview it at:

Thanks to Michael Fischl, I have put his personal copy on reserve at the
Foreign Language Lab, Merrick 201. (With a note that only faculty can
check it out overnight.)

It's the perfect film for courses on poverty, immigration, Latin
American Studies, Latino/a Studies, American Studies, Women's Studies,
Judaic Studies, International Studies, history, ethics, religion,
sociology, foreign languages, communication, film studies, etc.