Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Two important events to choose from for Thursday March 30th

Please try to attend one of these very important events, scheduled for Thursday March 30th:

a) A sunset "seder" at the Venerable Bede Episcopal Church on Stanford Drive at 5pm. Workers, studends and faculty can gather together for a meal on the eve of the negotiations between the university and the workers, which it now appears will begin on Friday March 31st.

b) A student-organized forum to discuss the issue of card check recognition versus NLRB elections, also from 5-7pm, at the UC Ballroom B. Faculty, please encourage your students to attend this educational event. Extra credit assignments (in which, of course, students can write from any point of view they want) would be an excellent method of getting people there. (Note: in an effort to get all parties to have a voice, STAND invited speakers from both UNICCO and the administration. Neither has replied).

A teach-in is being organized by faculty for next Wednesday, April 5th, 6-8pm. Details will be posted ASAP. Watch this space.

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