Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Just another quick post. It's 2.30 am, early Wednesday morning. At about 1.30 am Father Frank Corbishley and the students occupying the Admissions Department in Ashe came out of the building, unarrested, unexpelled and in good health. In return for their leaving, Donna Shalala released a statement to the Associated Press (we have not double-checked that) that within 48 hours there will be good faith talks to resolve the situation with the participation of the administration, the faculty, the law faculty, the students, UNICCO, the SEIU and the workers themselves. This will be the first time the workers' voices will have been officially heard (not to mention the voices of some of the other parties).

This is an incredible step forward. The students were magnificent and this achievement is due to their courage and integrity. They were prepared to stay there for as long as necessary; they were prepared to get arrested and possibly expelled. We thank the administration for acknowledging their dedication and the righteousness of their cause.

The struggle continues. The next 48 hours are crucial. We must keep up the pressure and ensure that things happen as promised.

Stay informed and stay active. We are winning.

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