Tuesday, March 07, 2006


This is such an important message that we didn't want it to get buried under the other news:

We are collecting donations to the Strike Fund to help support the strikers during their fight.

Checks should be made to: "SEIU Local 11 Strike Fund"

Send checks to:
SEIU Local 11
c/o Leslie Schuler
1680 Michigan Ave, #1100
Miami Beach, FL 33139


Sybil Lipschultz said...

Students tell me they would rather give cash than food, since they usually do not shop at the supermarket. Let's circulate this information among students, too. Many students have a dollar here and there, and they are happy to help the workers when they do. Can someone post where cash jars are located. If you have not done so, can faculty in residential colleges put out cash jars for students? There should be one at the Strike Santuary? Anywhere else? Please respond!

giovanna said...

it is a good idea, sybil. i can ask father frank. do you think something could be started in the dorms?

Anonymous said...

let's get a paypal account going soon.

fwj said...


we are working on a paypal link!