Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A busy day in the press

Some excellent coverage in today's media. First, of course, is the great editorial in the Herald by our own Elizabeth Aranda. "Miami is among the most popular destinations for immigrants to the United States. ''You feel at home,'' is something I have heard often from Miami immigrants who feel like the environment is culturally similar to their home countries. But how friendly is Miami to its newest arrivals? Take a ride down U.S. 1 through Coral Gables for another take on this question. At the Stanford Drive junction, across from the University of Miami, you will find tents pitched under the city's Metrorail tracks housing hunger-striking immigrant janitors in their 12th day of not eating." [continue]

Also, a really good story in the New York Times. Unlike the Herald's garbled account of Thursday April 13th("Unicco wants to require... employees to vote; the union wants the decision to form a union left only to those who want to vote"), the Times manages to correctly characterize the issue.

Finally, SEIU members confront President Shalala at a forum on health care reform organized yesterday by the American University in Washington, DC. The disruption starts at 14 minutes and 30 seconds into the clip. We are told that the voices of the disruptors were much louder in actuality, but the mic gives the advantage to John Breaux on TV.

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