Wednesday, April 12, 2006

feliciano has a stroke

feliciano hernandez, 60, one of the most outspoken among the hunger strikers, had a stroke this evening. he is now at the hospital, alert and in stable condition. he was present at the rally that ended up in front of the ashe building this afternoon. on coming round, his first words to an SEIU organizer were: "go back, they need you more there."

our hearts go out to feliciano and his family, and to the remaining 7 hunger strikers.



Anonymous said...

What will it take for Shalala to respond to the workers' requests? How many need to get sick for her to realize that maybe, just maybe, she could do something to bring this situation to a just end? Is she waiting for someone to have a stroke from which they do not recover? Will she act when it is one of the students who gets sick? How much is a life of a worker worth to her? I am ashamed of the fact that I am part of the community that she was chosen to lead.

Liza said...

he didn't actually have a stroke - just a huge spike in blood pressure. it was very dangerous, but he's okay.

fwj said...

yes, liza is right. we have in fact just learned that the paramedics believed he was having a stroke, but that a stroke didn't actually take place. he is now resting quietly at home.