Monday, April 10, 2006

yesterday at justice city: one striker is evacuated

Yesterday was a harrowing day at Justice City. I got there around 2 in the afternoon. In spite of a strong breeze and some grey clouds, the heat was powerful. I learned that two hunger strikers were not doing well. Feliciano's blood pressure was extremely high, and Odalys' pulse was dangerously elevated. neither wanted to leave. Odalys' objectiong to being evacuated was that so much work had gone into the hunger strike, so much struggle and dedication. Feliciano was adamantine: There are two ways in which I'll leave this place he said: either [President] Shalala recognizes our right to be treated like human beings, or they can bring me away dead.

Towards night Odalys relented, but she requested that her 5-day hunger strike not end in silence. Television crews were called and three showed up. While Odalys was loaded onto an ambulance, people clapped and chanted "Si se puede!" Some cried.

Buena suerte, Odalys Rodriguez.

Giovanna Pompele

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Anonymous said...

LLa sacaron una supervisora hoy en la noche 4/12/06 y sin ningun motivo por eso ase falta un cambio hurgente