Monday, April 03, 2006

Community Dinner and then... Hunger Strike

Here is a press release from SEIU:

After several hours of discussion on Friday, the meeting convened by UM President Shalala in response to last Tuesday's student demonstration ended without definitive results, and a second meeting is scheduled for noon on Tuesday April 4.

Unicco janitor Clara Vargas who attended the meeting said she is hopeful that Unicco and the UM will come prepared Tuesday to agree on a fair process by which the Unicco workers can decide on union representation.

To support the janitors, students and community leaders have joined with the workers to plan the following events for the week ahead:

A community supper at 6pm, Tuesday April 4 at the Strike Sanctuary (the Episcopal Church on campus) to mark the anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King and to honor the civil rights struggle taking place here at the University of Miami.

A community hunger strike beginning Wednesday morning, under the Metrorail opposite the Stanford Drive entrance to UM, to demonstrate that until a fair process is provided to the janitors by Unicco and the UM, the support continues.


1. Loan your tent or tarps to create a home for the hunger strike: Justice City will spring up on US 1 across from the main gate of the University of Miami on Wednesday morning.

2. Volunteer to staff a shift at Justice City to support the hunger strikers and the striking janitors. Bring kids, musical instruments, and art supplies (to make banners)

3. Join the hunger strike. To volunteer and for a complete medical review prior to deciding, contact Kathy at 305-672-7071 x246.

For more information and to join the struggle, call Kathy at 305-672-7071 x246 or email Kathy at

For more information, see

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