Saturday, April 08, 2006

Faculty Statement about the Continuing Strike

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We, the faculty of the University of Miami, understand and appreciate the gravity of the step taken by Unicco workers, and UM students on their behalf, in initiating a hunger strike on Wednesday, April 5.

At this crucial time, with the negotiations hosted by the University ongoing, we would like to express our complete solidarity with the striking workers in their pursuit of a living wage, health insurance, and the right to organize by a lawful method of their choice.


(list of signatories in comments)


fwj said...

David Abraham (Law)
Hugo Achugar (Foreign Languages and Literatures)
Felipe Aguero (International Studies)
Joseph Alkana (English)
Elizabeth Aranda (Sociology)
Traci Ardren (Anthropology)
Bruce Bagley (IS)
Anthony Barthelemy (English)
Linda Belgrave (Sociology)
Veronika Bikova (T.A. FLL)
Rebecca Biron (FLL)
Marc Brudzinski (FLL)
Dexter Callender (Religious Studies)
Christina Civantos (FLL)
Jane Connolly (FLL; Dean of Arts and Humanities)
Louise Davidson-Schmich (Political Science)
Christian Duncan (Computer Science)
David Ellison (FLL)
Simon Evnine (Philosophy)
Evelina Galang (English)
Laura Giannetti (FLL)
Tom Goodman (English)
Steven Green (Biology)
Tracy Guzmán (FLL)
Pam Hammons (English)
Ralph Heyndels (FLL)
Lisa Hoffman-Reyes (T.A. English)
Marilisa Jimenez (English)
Roger Kanet (IS)
Joanna Kaufman (Sociology)
Casey Klofstad (Political Science)
Anthony Krupp (FLL)
Celita Lamar (FLL)
Christina Lane (Communication)
John Lennon (American Studies)
Peter Lewis (Philosophy)
Sybil Lipschultz (History)
Tomas Lopez (Art and Art History)
Lillian Manzor (FLL)
April Mann (English Composition)
Dionisio Marquez
Luigi Meneghini (Medicine)
Daniel Messinger (Psychology)
Marjorie Montague (Education)
John W. Murphy (Sociology)
Amie Nielsen (Sociology)
Sandra Oh (English)
Martha Otis (English Composition)
Frank Palmeri (English)
Anthony Paul (Philosophy)
Gema Perez-Sanchez (FLL)
Giovanna Pompele (English)
Sherri Porcelain (IS)
Howard Pospesel (Philosophy Emeritus)
Kate Ramsey (History)
Francisco Raymo (Chemistry)
Ruth Reitan (IS)
Elena Sabogal (Latin American Studies)
Rene Sacasas (Business Law)
Jeffrey Shoulson (English)
Harvey Siegel (Philosophy)
Michael Slote (Philosophy)
William Smith (IS)
Donald Spivey (History)
Maria Galli Stampino (FLL)
Steve Stein (History)
Andrew Strycharski (English)
Mihoko Suzuki (English)
Peter Tarjan (Biomedical Engineering)
Hugh Thomas (History)
Amie Thomasson (Philosophy)
Claret Vargas (FLL)
Michelle R. Warren (FLL)
Tim Watson (English)
Richard Weisskoff (IS)
Jonathan West (IS)
David Wilson (Biology)
Mari Williams (T.A. FLL)
Barbara Woshinsky (FLL)

fwj said...

Lisa Reyes (TA English)
Melissa Cueto (TA English)
Sallie Hughes (Communication)
Maria Elena Villar (TA Communication)
Yvette Bueno (TA Communication)
James Britton (English)
Maureen Seaton (English)
Steven Butterman (FLL)
Nader Elhefnawy (TA English)
Carrie S. Comer (English Composition)
Laura Albritton (English Composition)
Leonardo Ferreira (Communication)
Ambler Moss (IS)
Katherine Westaway (Graduate student, English)

fwj said...

Burton Rosenberg (Computer Science)

fwj said...

Burak Kazaz (Business School)