Saturday, April 15, 2006

The last few days....

Things have been happening thick and fast these last few days. Only now do we find time to pause and share some pictures of what's been going on.

On Wednesday, April 12 there was a rally at the UC patio. Students spoke very impressively. Here's Tanya Aquino:

"I'm a senior. I'm an honors student. I'm a student leader. I'm Greek. I'm a volunteer. I go out on the weekends to party, and I pull all-nighters. And now I'm starving. I am so hungry for change on this campus"

And Alyssa Cundari:

"I had expectations for this university, and they're not being met"

And hunger striker Clara Vargas:

"We know that if we go back to work without the union, we will be fired"

The rally moved towards Ashe, where students and workers hoped to talk to President Shalala. But the doors were locked.

Thursday April 13th was Holy Thursday. At a moving ceremony at Freedom Village, a priest washed the feet of the hunger strikers:

On Friday April 14th, Congressman David Bonior, now the president of American Rights at Work, addressed faculty and students at the Strike Sanctuary and then went across the road to Freedom Village for a press conference:

He has gone back to Washington to get senators and representatives to send a letter to President Shalala. Professor Hugh Thomas and hunger striking student Mewelau Hall also spoke at the press conference:

Finally, Professor Lillian Manzor announced to workers that faculty raised $1,400 for the strike fund by the sale of the "Faculty Support the Strike" T-shirts.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone has photos, but Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez also made his way out to Freedom City to show his support. That should be highlighted, hopefully he can bring his clout to the cause.

fwj said...

Thank you for pointing this out, Anonymous. Many of us were listening to David Bonior's talk during Mayor Alvarez's visit, so were unable to document it.

fwj said...

Dear Anonymous, we have corrected our error. See our latest post. Apologies to Mayor Alvarez, and thank you for your support!