Saturday, April 29, 2006

dear anonymous

because we believe in free debate, we publish just about every comment -- we reject only those we consider malicious or offensive. we have however observed that most of our commentators choose not to identify themselves. we encourage all to enter a name. the way to do that without being registered with blogger is to skip the request for id and password, click "other", and type one's name. if you don't want to use your full name, you can use your first name only, your initials, your middle name, your dog's name, or a pseudonym (do get creative!). it is somewhat unusual in blogistan to have so many anonymous comments. if you use a consistent name, even a pseudonym, it will be easier for others to engage in conversation with you. with so many anonymous commentators, it gets hard to tell one from the other, and debates end up being rather unfocused. please do choose a name for yourself and, if you don't mind, stick to it.

thank you.

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