Monday, April 17, 2006

support them

click on this picture to enlarge it. use it as your desktop. send it to all your friends. send it to your representatives. drop it from airplanes. plaster it all over town.


Anonymous said...

Poor sheep... just wait till the SEIU takes YOU to the butcher!!!

Anonymous said...

Hunger strike to protest a
democratic vote??? This must be the handy work of that greedy corperation that exploits the poor and helpless... the SEIU!

Anonymous said...

well, i'm not sure who authors universitytruth but i'd bet this is the same person. it's a pretty recognizable voice.

T said...

I can't let the "poor sheep" remark go without comment.

Some anonymous commentators claim to be writing in the interest of the workers, but clearly they are in fact insulting them by comparing them with animals (sheep). This is similar to a recent Miami Herald editorial stating that the workers are "unsophisticated."

Anyone who thinks the workers are poor sheep has not spent any time with them. Poor they are, sheep they are not.