Friday, April 21, 2006

Visit by Ed Asner

Ed Asner (actor and activist) was at Freedom Village this morning. He made a strong statement to all of us, which was caught by Ch.7. He was interviewed by Ch. 7, and then spoke with each of the workers and hunger strikers. He then went over to the students in front of Ashe where he placed calls to Shalala and Colson. As soon as Shalala’s office learned he was here, the water was turned off. When he left, it was turned back on. Shalala’s office said she wasn’t here (naturally), so he dictated an email to Jake to send to her. I think he reached Colson’s voice mail.


Anonymous said...

Was Jimmy Hoffa, jr not available? Next time maybe you can get Mary Tyler Moore, too.

Only 20 days left... you better get a few more celebrities; I think you're going to need them.

The students are turning their backs on you and deservedly so. The only students you have left supporting you are the 4 members of STAND that show up to everything.

Enjoy those ants - the water brings them up.

Anonymous said...

Ed Asner is a fool! Hope he made a big donation...

Anonymous said...

I'm confused... why protest at UM (an educational facility) to change a federal law?

Maybe that's where the union messed up in all of this!