Thursday, April 27, 2006

Goings-on in the press

OK, we've been lax lately. Here's some of what's happened in the press, in case you've missed it.

Another column from Ana Menendez in yesterday's Herald, focusing on the student activism. Especially welcome now that many of the student are being called in for disciplinary hearings!

Also a good column in today's Sun-Sentinel.

A horrible editorial from the Herald today, in which they endorse NLRB elections over card check while giving absolutely no reasons at all for their position. Since they have twice misreported the very same fact about the two methods (once after publishing a letter correcting the first time they made the mistake) one cannot be sure they fully grasp what they are talking about. If you're still not sure, check our new FAQ on the matter here.

On a separate note, the Cambridge, MA resolution we talked about a few days ago did indeed pass unanimously, as you can read in the Harvard Crimson.

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