Monday, April 24, 2006

labor in so. fla. -- it's a movement

Mother's Day Solidarity
South Florida Mothers Stand with Colombian Flower Workers!
Friday May 12th
Dole Fresh Flowers
10055 NW 12th St, Miami
(Park close to NW 12th Street at International Mall)

# Are often fired or do not have their contracts renewed if they become pregnant while employed
# Can work up to 80 hours per week without overtime pay
# Earn less than $180 per month-not nearly enough to support their families

THEY HAVE FORMED the first independent and democratic union at the Dole-owned Splendor plantation. To date, Dole Fresh Flowers continues to deny the existence of any problems and despite a verbal commitment it still refuses to meet and negotiate with union representatives. Miami-based Dole Fresh Flowers is the largest employer of flower workers and owns 20% of the Colombian flower industry.

For more information contact: Carolina Delgado (305) 510-1748

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