Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Front page Herald!

A great piece on the front page of today's Herald:

Nearly two months into a strike by janitors at the University of Miami, a determined band of South Florida clergy has rallied religious support for workers that crosses traditional faith boundaries.

Catholic, Protestant and Jewish leaders have prayed with striking workers, offered their sanctuaries as alternative classroom sites, sent letters to the university president and invited janitors to speak to their congregations and even joined a hunger strike. [con'td]
And a letter, too, from Daniel Messinger.


Sue Ann said...

Given the current atmosphere around campus perhaps the university would be well served to add a few courses this fall.

How about Social Justice 101? Or a class that's a social experiment for undergrads "Living on minimum wage: the consequences of being the working poor." What about "Privatizing social programs: pitfalls and loopholes."

Anonymous said...

I've got some great new class ideas!!!

*How to not be conned by the SEIU 11.

*Federal labor laws 101.

*How to steal from the less fortunate - make them strike!

It's really sad to see the SEIU and STAND use these people as sheep...

Anonymous said...

It's often been the case that obnoxious people refer to the working poor as animals.

elizabeth said...

sue ann,
I think that's a great idea. in the sociology department we regularly have classes that deal with these issues. We have a course on Class Inequalities; we will also have a course called peace studies offered for the first time. I usually teach an immigration course for undergrads, and will also teach a graduate level one next semester. I think your suggestion is a good one in terms of getting us to think long-term about possible courses that will spring out of this movement.

Anonymous said...

Federal labor law 101
UNICCO was found to have reasonable cause after af or month investigation for "spying, interrogating, and threatening employees with reprisals" for union sympathies.

*The strike was over these actions, its what made it legal.

*Neither UNICCO nor its contractor UM claims responsiblity.

*UM is "neutral"